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I launched Six of One Limited in March 2013 because of the clear problem with professional athletes having financial trouble and lacking direction once they had retired from competitive sport. I could see the biggest problem was athletes waiting until retirement before they put any real effort into their second career which is a dangerous game. The harsh truth is, once retired and less prominent in the public eye it becomes extremely hard to build something sustainable that allows a successful athlete to maintain their desired lifestyle.

Our vision is to help athletes maximize their opportunities and build a platform to help them avoid falling on hard times after retirement from sport. It happens way too much. We help athletes reach wider audiences, develop their brand and create revenue streams along-side their athletic career, enabling them to focus on their job with peace of mind knowing a foundation is being laid for their future.

We have worked with some of the biggest names in world sport, trust and discretion are paramount in our relationships. From Formula 1, to Football (Soccer), NFL, UFC, Boxing, Athletics and more, we work closely with clients to bring them value and help them feel secure after sport.

Here I am speaking to CNN about branding: Anna Kournikova – Marketing Monster

David Skilling

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