Public Relations

You’re in the press, but what message is being delivered? With your team having some say in the message, you can┬áhave more control over public perception.

Appearance Bookings

Appearing at events to support, host or speak at is a very lucrative revenue stream for professional sports personalities. We’ll do the leg work and create the bookings.

Business Development

Every athlete needs a second business, something to allow them to smoothly transition into a second career when retiring. Maybe you already have a sideline that you need support with.


We come across many companies looking to get celebrity endorsements for their business or products. We can pair the right people with the right products, and create another revenue stream for you

Brand Development

A strong brand image is a powerful asset. A recognized and trusted brand identity makes people confident in you, and/or your business which can lead to long term loyalty for all future projects.

Brand Awareness

What good is a great brand image if we don’t try and get out to as many targeted people as possible? Through online marketing we can help you spread the word.

Social Media Marketing

Everyone knows how to use social media, but do you know how to strategically market your brand or your business ideas? We do, we have vast knowledge on what works and what doesn’t

Web Design

A strong website with an ongoing blog is your opportunity to tell your story. Why let the public be influenced solely by what other websites tell them. Every athlete & business needs a hub.

Network Development

Developing a strong network with industry peers is vital to achieving long term goals. If the people your target markets look up to are happy to support you, the rest will follow.

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